The Importance of Menu Covers

Seeing that this is a menu cover site I have been really noticing the different types of menu covers available. You really won’t believe just how many different designs are actually available out there. You can find a million different types of covers for practically everything. If you haven’t had the chance, you should look around and see what some of them are. There are covers for fancy luxury restaurants, and covers for small ones as well. It seems that you can find a cover to fit any theme, or even get one custom made if you want, but what I have noticed is that the wrong menu cover really stands out.

A simple thing like a menu cover wouldn’t have a large effect on a restaurant, or at least you would think that, but sometimes it can really throw off the atmosphere of the restaurant. The wrong color, weird design, or just something that sticks out about it can turn a great menu cover into something that turns customers away, instead of bringing them in. There was one restaurant I visited that was amazing, but it had this really brightly lit menu cover. The design on it was cluttered in strange pictures and letters, and it basically seemed as if they threw together as many things as possible in that little menu.

It served as an example for the food they served, it was completely cluttered and over the top. Far too many spices, huge portions, there was so much going on in my plate the flavor could only be described as confusing. When you take the taste of a poorly done menu cover you can see just what the restaurant has in store for you. It may seem a bit hard to believe, but if you have ever been to a restaurant where you really don’t remember or acknowledge the menu cover, think whether or not the food was satisfactory, or even memorable. When you are at a restaurant with a poor menu cover you are expected to meet poor standards.

First of all restaurants that don’t have menus are terrible. Using cheap menus that you constantly have to make again shows your staff and customers just how much you put into your restaurant, and it costs money constantly, in the long run you are losing a lot more than you think. At least with good menus and a cover you won’t have to replace them as much. A good menu with a well-made cover is the perfect package to present to any customer. It shows them that you actually care about your product, and better yet that you want to show it off.

A good menu cover is not an additional expense. It saves you more money than it costs if you buy the right ones. You may think simply getting some menus and making them tough will help, but when you think about all of the stains, and spills that will hit it you will be constantly cleaning them. The entire point of these holders is to make things a little bit easier on the staff, and make things look a little more professional. A good cover can go a long way.

The best menu cover you can find, the one that you will see work in just about every restaurant is a simple one. If you do run some sort of eatery you don’t need $100.00 menu holders to get the attention of your customers. In fact you shouldn’t even consider getting such ridiculously overpriced menu covers unless you really think it fits with your establishment. Simplicity is usually the best way to get things across, nothing with incredibly extreme designs, or engravings, or anything of that nature. A quality menu cover can be something with few colors, and a clear design.

In fact personally I love the ones that are clear. It kind of gives off that feeling that they have nothing to hide, and I can just take a look at their menu and nothing else distracting. Sure the covers with special designs are good and all, but let’s face it when you are hungry, you want fast service and food, not something pretty to look at. Plus you can really see how clean they keep things nothing reveals more than a clear cover.

So menu covers may not be the biggest part of a restaurant, or even the most important but they can make an impact, and to many they actually do. The customers will think that you actually put time and effort into everything, the design is a great way to keep people in their seats, the strong quality means they will last you for a long time to come, and best of all you can design and pick your favorite to fit your establishment. When it comes to all of that why wouldn’t you want to order a menu cover it will do a lot more good than you can imagine.

A good restaurant, café, coffee shop, or anything else that requires menus has to have the whole package. That means everything from a great selection to good service. So when you decide to use menu covers you are covering every aspect of your eatery. It shows that you value your customers; your staff, your company, and more importantly that you value what you serve above everything else.

Think about the next time you go to a restaurant, and take a good hard look at the menu cover at the restaurant, get a real good look at it, and you will see what I mean. Now this doesn’t mean that every time you go to a café or a restaurant and you see a terrible menu holder that the food will be bad. But more often than not the overall aesthetic of it will not meet your expectations. There are many aspects to a restaurant that makes them important, and believe it or not menu covers are one of them.

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